@ffind[] function.

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Jul 6, 2008
As Charles stated in another thread:
add @ffind[] function. search sub-directories like the FFIND command does.

This evolved from the recent request for the addition, optional parameters to @search to include sub-directories with the supplied path @search[program....] The other thread provides additional information that I will not repeat here. One major difference I should point out is that @search[] assumes it's locating a program, with or without extension, and this new function would require a switch or something to make that assumption.
v:\> function ffind `%@execstr[ffind /s /k /m /f %2\%1]`

v:\> echo %@ffind[tcc.exe,g:\]

v:\> echo %@ffind[tcc.exe,g:\tc21]

v:\> echo %@ffind[tcc.exe;4nt.exe,g:\]

v:\> echo %@ffind[tcc.exe;4nt.exe,g:\tc17]
Sure! It's eminently customizable. I don't think I used @SEARCH (in ~25 years or however long it has been around) before this week.. So I won't lobby for an @FFIND. If I needed such a thing, I'd make a user-defined function and, in a few weeks or months, discover it and delete it.