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How to synthesize cmd.exe's DEL /Q

I find that when a makefile uses "DEL blah-blah" to preemptively delete some file(s) that may not exist, I have to run it under cmd.exe instead of TCC. This is because, to cmd.exe, the absence of the file target is not cause for DEL to return error, whereas TCC.exe does return an error.

Is there some alias that can be made for TCC which would yield the same DEL behavior that cmd.exe exhibits?

I would argue that as long as DEL can exit with its targets not existent, that should be success. So I do not see this behavioral difference as sensible or necessary.
Thanks, Charles. The trick was to get "alias DEL=*DEL /E" executed in 4START.btm whether or not it is an interactive shell. (My initial effort was doomed because I had it among the interactive shell aliases.)

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