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How to? Problem with WinMerge Prediffer when TCC is set as CMD replacement

I am using TCC26.

I also want to use WinMerge using XML unpacking.

1. I start WinMerge
2. I compare to XML files.
3. I select Unpacker "Prettyfy XML"
4. I get an error message. (see below)

So when I use CMD.EXE als COMSPEC it work.
It seams that there is a syntax problem, where the executed CMD string isn't interpreted as CMD.EXE does.

Executing the command below on TCC directly shows no error

cmd /c type "C:\Users\Martin\Dropbox\Backup\Lizenzen\KeysExport.xml" | "C:\Program Files\WinMerge\Commands\tidy-html5\tidy.exe" -xml -indent --indent-attributes yes --tab-size 4 --indent-spaces 4 -wrap 0 --sort-attributes alpha --force-output yes -o "C:\Users\Martin\AppData\Local\Temp\WinMerge_TEMP_24104\_WM6ED7.tmp.xml" | exit 0
TCC: Unknown command "/c" exit 0""
TCC: Unknown command "/c" type "C:\Users\Martin\Dropbox\Backup\Lizenzen\KeysExport.xml" ""
No warnings or errors were found.

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But how do you work?
So you just have TCC as a separate tool and leave COMSPEC as it is?

I need some BTM/BAT files inside my Visual-Studio and the tools that relay on the TCC extensions.
It is nasty to launch a separate TCC command line in a CMD-BAT.
I am using TCC26.

Just to clarify: Are you saying that you have changed COMSPEC to point to TCC?

Or are you merely observing that when you are running TCC, COMSPEC points to TCC? And that WinMerge inherits the troublesome value from TCC?
I am a big fan and supporter of TCC, but I do NOT use it to run things that are meant to run under CMD. If in doubt (or more realistically, after problems pop up), I just start a new tab in Windows Terminal running CMD instead of TCC.

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