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Declined Add switch to MOVE to not make empty destination folders. (COPY's /F)

TCC has to create the folders because it cannot yet know what's in the subdirectories. To do this would require TCC to traverse the entire directory tree first, analyze the results and tag the empty subdirectories, then do the move, and then remove the empty subdirectories.

It seems like a lot more work than just doing the move and removing the empty subdirectories.
i don't understand why COPY has the /F and MOVE doesn't. The difference being that MOVE deletes the files in the source folder/s.
Only if destination is a different physical volume.
If move happens within the same volume, nothing is deleted.
True. I just mean that the source file is no longer in the source folder. May not be physically deleted but it's not reachable in the source folder any more.

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