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Plugin API suggestions

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
This is not a high priority for me, but....

The FONT command in TakeCommandIPC() lets us set the tab font, but there's no way to get the current value. That would be nice to have because when someone wants to change the font — through a plugin or otherwise — they don't probably want to change everything at once. They just want to make the current font a bit bigger or smaller, or change the weight. Or else they might want to change the face without changing the size. So it might be nice to have an IPC command to return the current value. (Quote the face name if it contains spaces.)

Of course, this could also be handled — more usefully for the end user — as a %@TCFONT function. Or as output from the TCFONT command. But I'm guessing that either of those would involve adding an IPC function anyway.

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