@replace weirdness

Oct 29, 2008
I’m trying to make an esc function for echoing stuff containing special chars without having to use quotes.

Why does
echo %@replace[^|,^^|,%@replace[^^,^^^^,foo|bar]]
evaluate to

It seems to be doing the ^ replacement after doing the | replacement.
echo %@replace[^|,^^|,foo|bar]
evaluates to
as expected. My full esc function works as expected if the ^ replacement is omitted.
27.6G C:\Users\johnb\tmp> eset /f esc

27.6G C:\Users\johnb\tmp> echo %@esc[&|<>]
(n.b. To enter this function at the command line, double all ^s)
function esc=`%@replace[^^>,^^^^>,%@replace[^^<,^^^^<,%@replace[^^&,^^^^&,%@replace[^^|,^^^^|,%$]]]]`
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