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News Take Command 18.00.28 uploaded

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I've uploaded build 28 to the web site.

18.00.28 IDE - fixed erratic problem when clicking the stop button
18.00.28 VERSION - fix for inexplicable Windows 10 change to returning Windows 8.1 in version API
18.00.28 Installer update

18.00.26 LUA - Rolled back internal Lua support to 5.2 (because of embedded Lua 5.3 bugs)

18.00.25 LUA - Prevented Lua from closing TCC when querying version or help
18.00.25 MSGBOX - Fixed problem when waiting > 1000 seconds

18.00.24 Changed the internal error logging to use *.error.log (i.e., "tcc.error.log", "tcmd.error.log", and "ide.error.log)

18.00.22 TCC - fixed a sporadic problem with backquotes at the end of a command line

18.00.20 BATCOMP - fixed a problem with /O
18.00.20 FOR - fixed a problem with /F & parsing lines in files
18.00.20 TCC - fixed a problem with short VLFN's (<260 chars) when deleting invalid filenames
18.00.20 Disabled the "cut" option in the List View context menu

18.00.19 FOR - added support for string token parsing
18.00.19 VIEW - fix for an erratic problem with not starting V.EXE
18.00.19 Help file update

18.00.18 Help file update

18.00.17 Moved license registration from registry to file
18.00.17 Help file updates
18.00.17 DO - fixed a problem with /A:...
18.00.17 LOG - moved default directory for log files to %programdata%\JP Software\Take Command 18.0
Not open for further replies.

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