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News Take Command, TCC, CMDebug, and TCC-RT 23.0.25 Uploaded

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I've uploaded 23.0.25 to the web site.

23.0.25 TCMD - the command help tooltips on the statusbar are now in the default tab font, and the options are aligned
23.0.25 Help file updates
23.0.25 The debugger now disables the pause / stop / step into / step out / step over buttons if the current tab isn't the one being debugged
23.0.25 @REGxxx - fixed a problem when reading from a remote registry
23.0.25 DIFFER - fixed a problem with the command dialog not recognizing the /SHAx options
23.0.25 PDIR /S - fixed a problem when a directory argument doesn't have a trailing \

23.0.24 Help file updates
23.0.24 @FILESIZE - fixed a problem with allocated size

23.0.23 TCMD x86 - fixed a Windows API bug that caused TCMD to sometimes exit immediately after startup

23.0.20 TCMD.INI directive SetExplorerSettings=YES|no - If NO, Take Command will ignore any Explorer configuration settings in TCMD

23.0.19 Regular expressions are now supported anywhere wildcards are supported
23.0.19 DATE - fixed /F4
23.0.19 VIEW - wouldn't launch if v22 hadn't been previously installed
23.0.19 Help file updates
Not open for further replies.

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