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News Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT 22.0.33 Uploaded

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I have uploaded build 33 to the web site.

22.0.33 VIEW - fixed problem when piping to VIEW and passing certain VIEW switches

22.0.32 The internal ANSI support has been rewritten for more speed & additional ANSI commands (see help)
22.0.32 Help file updates
22.0.32 IF - added support for a CMD bug (if "Duplicate CMD.EXE bugs" is selected) when using invalid IF syntax and a conditional ||
22.0.32 TPIPE - fixed an output problem with /inputstring

22.0.29 BDEBUGGER - You can now step into and debug library functions
22.0.29 @IPPORT - fixed a problem with the return value
22.0.29 @IPZONEID - fixed a problem with the return value

22.0.28 START - added support for alternate CMD syntax with whitespace before directory name
22.0.28 BDEBUGGER - fixed problem with clearing Modified Variables window
22.0.28 BDEBUGGER - Modified Variables window is now cleared when starting debugging
22.0.28 Help file updates

22.0.26 TCC - fixed a problem with batch parameters in child pipe batch files

22.0.25 Fixed a crash when debugging pipes

22.0.24 TCC - fix for a sporadic problem opening BDEBUGGER / IDE.
22.0.24 Help file updates
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