News Take Command 18.00.31 Uploaded

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May 14, 2008
I have uploaded v18 build 30 to the web site.

18.00.31 TCMD & TCC - fix for TCMD.INI parsing errors reading unquoted pathnames
18.00.31 TCC - fix for the loony CMD variable substitution syntax (xxx:~nyyy)

18.00.30 TCMD - fix for Browse button in Find Files dialog
18.00.30 TCC - fix for Windows 10 bug when invoking help in console session
18.00.30 @DIGIT - fix for non-zero return with an (invalid) empty argument
18.00.29 BDEBUGGER - fix for problem when saving watch lists
18.00.28 IDE - fixed erratic problem when clicking the stop button
18.00.28 VERSION - fix for inexplicable Windows 10 change to returning Windows 8.1 in version API
18.00.26 LUA - Rolled back internal Lua support to 5.2 (because of embedded Lua 5.3 bugs)
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