News Take Command 19.00.30 Uploaded

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May 14, 2008
I have uploaded build 30 to the web site.

19.00.30 The installer is now code signed with both SHA1 and SHA2
19.00.30 TCC - internal performance improvements and a fix for a (rare and never reported) parsing error
19.00.30 Help file updates

19.00.29 TCC - now dynamically loads WLANAPI.DLL when running NETMONITOR, to avoid error with Server 2008 & 2012 when wireless services aren't installed
19.00.29 TCC - fix for sporadic Windows problem when using /O:xxx to pre-sort file list (for example, with DO)
19.00.29 TABCOMPLETE - added double quoting for 4th argument (as per help)
19.00.29 Help file updates

19.00.28 TCC - fix for popup error about Cloud Storage Integrator
19.00.28 %_SELECTED - added a workaround to avoid the selection being cleared in child pipe processes
19.00.28 TCMD - fixed a problem when specifying the File Explorer startup directory
19.00.28 Help file updates
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