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News Take Command 20.0.25 Uploaded

Discussion in 'Support' started by rconn, Oct 29, 2016.

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  1. rconn

    rconn Administrator
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    May 14, 2008
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    I have uploaded build 25 to the web site.

    20.0.25 TCMD - the maximum number of rows in the screen buffer has been increased from 20,000 to 32,766 (the max allowed in Windows)
    20.0.25 Improved paste speed (when not using DBCS fonts)
    20.0.25 Help file updates
    20.0.25 LUA - will now strip double quotes from arguments, and not interpret a = as a delimiter
    20.0.25 The installer will not overwrite an existing EVERYTHING.INI

    20.0.22 TCMD is using a new version of the installer
    20.0.22 TCMD / TCC are using new versions of the internet (IPWorks) dlls
    20.0.22 Help file updates
    20.0.22 7ZIP - fixed a problem with the /K option
    20.0.22 MOVE - added workaround for Windows bug with /B option
    20.0.22 @LUA - fixed a problem with echoing the arguments

    20.0.21 Help file updates
    20.0.21 Fixed a problem with regular expressions not matching Windows (CR/LF) line endings
    20.0.21 @FOLDERS - fixed a problem when only passing one argument
    20.0.21 Added a workaround for an RTL bug when doing a DEFER from nested batch files in the batch debugger
    20.0.21 TCC - tweaked the DBCS code when detecting double-wide characters on input
    20.0.21 TCC - fixed a problem when running REXX files with .CMD extensions
    20.0.21 INPUT - fixed a problem with the /L option

    20.0.20 LINKS now supports wildcards
    20.0.20 @LINE - added a workaround for an RTL bug with non-Latin & non-Unicode files
    20.0.20 LINKS - added a workaround for a Windows bug when retrieving links on a SUBST'd directory

    20.0.18 DIR now allows combining /HL and /S
    20.0.18 DEDUPE - fixed a problem when symlinking and the original filename has whitespace
    20.0.18 TCC - added workaround for PowerShell screen colors bug

    20.0.17 TCC will reformat filenames with RE syntax ("::") before the path part, to before the file part
    20.0.17 Help file updates
    20.0.17 Added workaround for Windows bug determining character width in UTF-8
    20.0.17 DIR - fixed problem with displaying compressed file sizes

    20.0.16 Minor internal performance improvements
    20.0.16 Help updates

    20.0.15 TCTOOLBAR - added support for an optional tooltip
    20.0.15 Help updates
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