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News Take Command 20.11.35 Released

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Take Command v20.11 is now available at:


Take Command v20.11 is a free upgrade to anyone with a v20 license.

20.11.35 TCC - added support for double-wide character sets (Chinese / Japanese)
20.11.35 ALIAS /R and FUNCTION /R - increased the speed 20x
20.11.35 Help file updates
20.11.35 TCC - fixed timeout problem with FTPS when certificate doesn't match
20.11.35 ANSI - fixed a problem with displaying the next TCC prompt before an external app finished displaying output
20.11.35 Help - fixed problem with overwriting IE's history
20.11.35 TCMD / TCC - fixed some potential (but unlikely) buffer overflow issues

20.10.32 Performance enhancements in TCMD, IDE, and TCC
20.10.32 Reduced memory usage in TCMD, IDE, and TCC
20.10.32 Updated GUI framework in TCMD and IDE
20.10.32 Updated IPWorks dll's; removed ipworksssl9.dll
20.10.32 Updated installer version
20.10.32 Updated Scintilla DLL
20.10.32 Updated Everything Search
20.10.32 Improved UTF8 support in the IDE editor
20.10.32 Improved many of the language lexers in the IDE editor
20.10.32 HELP - dropped support for IE 8 (& earlier)

20.10.32 TCMD / IDE / TCC - fix for rare problem when reallocating large blocks of virtual memory
20.10.32 TCMD - several fixes for Office 2013 theme
20.10.32 TCMD - fix for broken tooltips in Office 2007 & 2010 themes
20.10.32 IDE - fix for check menu item in VS 2015 theme
20.10.32 TCMD and IDE - fix for a rare problem when resizing windows
20.10.32 TCMD and IDE - Several fixes for scaling for high resolution monitors
30.10.32 EVERYTHING - a number of minor bug fixes
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