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News Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT 28.02.17

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I've uploaded 28.02.17 to the web site.

28.02.17 Help file updates
28.02.17 DO - fixed a problem with LEAVE in an IFF inside a DO loop.
28.02.17 IDE and TCEDIT - fixed a problem with INS / OVR in the status bar
28.02.17 BDEBUGGER - fixed a bug with the SHIFT command and the batch variables window
28.02.17 GOTO - added support for a CMD bug / feature with GOTO errors and a || conditional
28.02.17 Fixed an installer bug with the Everything Search dialog

28.02.16 Removed WinUI drawing from installers because of MSAA bug

28.02.15 Added internal support for Windows 11 and Server 2022
28.02.15 Help file updates
28.02.15 Advanced Installer version 18.8 with WinUI drawing
28.02.15 Updated Scintilla dll
28.02.15 Performance and security improvements
28.02.15 TCMD /X - fixed a sporadic problem writing the output XML file
28.02.15 LIBRARY /R - added a workaround for reading library files that already have filenames prefixed to the function name
28.02.15 TASKLIST - fixed a problem when combining /R and /Z (not recommended or useful)

28.01.14 Updated IPWorks internet & compression libraries
28.01.14 Updated Scintilla and Lexilla dll's
28.01.14 Help files built with new Help & Manual version
28.01.14 Help file updates

28.0.12 Advanced Installer updated to 18.5
28.0.12 Help file updates
28.0.12 VIEW - fixed a bug when starting from TCMD

28.0.11 WSETTINGS - added more Windows dialogs
28.0.11 Help file updates
28.0.12 EVERYTHING - fixed a problem with the installer not always starting Everything Search
28.0.11 Fixed a problem with webhelp & specific topics
Not open for further replies.

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