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TCC-RT (RunTime) Released

I’ve had frequent requests from business users for a run-time version of TCC, so developers can write scripts and then deploy them on multiple systems (either for internal use or resale) without having to install and pay for Take Command everywhere.

A few years ago, JP released a runtime version of 4NT, but (except for a few large customers) the licensing and installation was too complex for most small to medium businesses. So we dropped the product and the idea — until now.

After some recent conversations with business customers, I’ve decided to take another try at the runtime environment. But this time, we’ve simplified the installation (which can also be done remotely & silently by an administrator), and resolved the licensing & cost issues by … eliminating the license & cost.

TCC RT is a free fully functional run time version of TCC (Take Command Console), the console mode command processor included in our flagship product Take Command. TCC RT allows you to run TCC batch files without having to install (or pay for) the full Take Command on target machines. You will still want at least one Take Command license to create and debug your scripts.

Because TCC RT is intended only for non-interactive use on systems without a full Take Command installation, it does not support a few TCC commands that only work with Take Command, or which aren’t usable in a batch file environment. These commands won’t return an error; they just won’t do anything:

OPTION dialogs

TCC RT also does not support command dialogs, interactive command line input & editing, or the PRE_INPUT / PRE_EXEC, and POST_EXEC aliases. See README.TXT in the TCC RT installation for more details on TCC RT.

Obviously, there is some risk here for JP in that we may lose some Take Command sales. Hopefully the end result will be a wider dissemination of TCC scripts and general familiarity with Take Command. Fingers crossed!