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CMDebug: Options on startup in latest version

I am a new owner of CMDebug
After starting and setting the syntax to CMDsyntax for CMDebug, every time I start the program it starts in TCC syntax , the same for Syntax colors. Strangely CMDebug remembers the CMDsyntax colors but I have to enter the option each time. This is on my desktop running v31.01.22 x64

On my laptop it works just fine (remembering both syntax and colors), running v31.01.19 x64
When I upgrade the version on my laptop to v31.01.22 x64 it stops remembering the CMDsyntax and Syntax colors.

It looks like a bug has crept in
I'm not a CMDebug user myself, so I may be completely full of it. But I wonder whether this might be a difference between running normally vs. running elevated?
Elevated: this is unlikely to be the issue
On the laptop the Cmdebug was run with the same privileges before and after the update,
and when I roll back to the old version it works again.
The problem is easy to replicate. Just start the newest version,

set CMDsyntax to CMDsyntax
set the syntax color for variables to another color, brown (for instance)
write @Echo off
write set Place="%cd%"
save the file
Exit the program

Start again, opening the same file, and CMDsyntax is back to TCCsyntax
set the syntax to CMDsyntax
go into color settings, do nothing, and just click OK and
hey presto: the colors are right

in the old version everything is much smoother and settings are saved by the program
Is CMDebug the same as IDE? IDE 31 (started with BDEBUGGER) doesn't remember the CMD syntax setting. In fact, if I just issue BDEBUGGER, set the CMD syntax option, and use File\Open to open a BAT file, the syntax option is back at TCC before I do anything else.
The CMD Syntax flag and the TCC Syntax flag are not saved, because they're not global flags. They're specific to the current tab window; you could have multiple tabs with some using CMD syntax and some using TCC syntax.

With CMDebug (not with TCC / Take Command) loading a BAT or CMD file will default to CMD syntax. BTM files or unnamed files will default to TCC syntax.

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