@CON: does not work with sendmail for pipe

Sep 12, 2010
In one part @CON: is refered to as console(which is how it seems to be working like).
but it has an example (type myfile.txt | sendmail abc@xyz.com Party @con:) whish is showing STDIN piping.
I am trying to get the piping to work any ideas?
Thanks Scott
this is takes from the help.
3. The messagemay either be entered on the command line, or it may be placed in a text file. To tell SENDHTML to send the contents of a file as the message text, use @sign, followed by the filename. You can use the same approach to send the text content of the clipboard (@CLIP:) or the console (@CON:):

sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @c:\messages\invitation.txt
sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @clip:
type myfile.txt | sendmail abc@xyz.com Party @con:


Scott Mintz
May 20, 2008
Solon, OH, USA
In your examples, I don't see where you tried to use @CON. However, I do see a typo in the help for SENDHTML. The third example, that you quoted, uses sendMAIL instead of sendHTML.

sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @c:\messages\invitation.txt
sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @clip:
type myfile.txt | sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @con:
Is that not working for you?
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @c:\messages\invitation.txt
sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @clip:
type myfile.txt | sendhtml abc@xyz.com Party @con:

That third one doesn't work here (same for SENDMAIL). It takes you to input mode where you type, terminate with ^Z, and what you typed becomes the message body.
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