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WAD Alt-Z & Alt-Y does not work here (v32)

Alt-Z & Alt-Y for command line editing does not work here (v32).

Could this have to do with the Swiss German Win (de_CH)?

PS: For example, Ctrl-R works but not the Alt combinations ...
PPS: Those hotkeys are not in use ...
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Ha, I have it:

It's wrong defined in option - instead "<Alt>+Y" it's "<Ctrl>+<Shift+Y>" and "<Alt>+Z" it's "<Ctrl>+<Shift+Z>".

I have NEVER changed this in the since I made a clean install of v32. And had also created a brand new TCMD.ini. Or it was taken from the registry maybe??

Now with additionally adding the right keys it's working in TCC (not in TCMD, as you mentioned).

BTW: The resetting does also not work correctly, doesn't remove newly added combination, they have to removed manually.

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