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How does tcc search for perl*.dll

Does it traverse the path? Look at some registry key?

I installed 510 by zip file, and manually added the path to the registry, but %@perl[] can't find the dll.

Is it looking for env PERL5LIB, or ... something else magical?

Yes, I should probably install it properly, but I prefer to just ftype/assoc it manually and minimize the registry munging (which usually works great).
JRohde wrote:

> Does it traverse the path? Look at some registry key?

TCC doesn't search for (or load) perl*.dll; that's done by Windows.

The Windows search order varies depending on the Windows version and
several registry variables, but roughly is:

1) The application directory
2) The current directory
3) The system directory
4) The Windows directory
5) The directories in the PATH

Things can get quite confusing when you throw in dll redirection,
side-by-side components, and manifests.

AFAIK Windows never looks for a registry key to determine the search.

Rex Conn
JP Software

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