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WAD PDIR ignores exclusion ranges

I just used the alias R defined as shown below:
r is an alias : *pdir /[!*.rst *.log *.sav *.dif descript.ion] /nej /d /og /s /a:-d /(-20fn -10@jpv[*] zc r dy-m-d th:m:s fp)

(the function @jpv returns the VERINFO string in sortable (standardized) form)

The report created by the alias included all files which should have been excluded because of their extension or name.

Tested with 4NT V8, TCC V11 through latest - all ignored the exclusion list.
Not reproducible -- your command line (minus the variable function you didn't include) works perfectly here. Does it fail for you with just a "pdir /[![!*.rst *.log *.sav *.dif descript.ion] *"? Do exclusion ranges fail for you in any other command?

If exclusion ranges weren't working, they wouldn't work in EVERYTHING, not just PDIR. (It all goes to a single search function regardless of how & where it's been called.)

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