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SETDOS /i-COMMAND, OPTION dialog, INIfile, unfortunate interaction?

If, for example, I SETDOS /I-WINDOW then WINDOW shows up in the OPTION dialog's disabled commands (I think that's the bad part). If, later in the same session, I "OK" in the OPTION dialog (for any reason), this (below) is written to TCMD.INI, affecting all future instances!

v:\> tail /n 2 %_ininame

I don't think SETDOS should affect future instances under any circumstances.
I'm not sure how OPTION would know whether you meant to disable a command temporarily or permanently. All OPTION knows is that the command is disabled now.

If you want to set options for future shells, don't use the OPTION dialog. Use Options / TCC on Take Command's menu bar.
I didn't put it in the OPTION dialog; it showed up there because I used SETDOS /i-command. Later, if I ever press OK (for any reason) in the OPTION dialog, the disabled command gets saved to TCMD.INI and affects future shells.

Try this (and only this).

setdos /i-window
option ... press "OK"
start a new tcc
which window

I get "window is an unknown command".
FWIW, the exact same thing happens if you disable a command with COMMANDS /D WINDOW, then open the OPTION dialog and click OK. This is nothing to do with SETDOS in particular.

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