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ChatGPT Know Take Command?

I typed in "write a batch command file in JPSoft's "Take Command", that uses the processmonitor command to monitor a process defined on the command line and print the text "Process Exited" when the process terminates." and got:

@echo off

:: Check if process name is provided as an argument
if "%~1"=="" (
echo Please provide the name of the process to monitor.
exit /b 1\

:: Run the process monitor with the provided process name
ProcessMonitor /Wait %1 /OnExit ExitHandler

:: End of script
exit /b

echo Process Exited
exit /b
ChatGPT and some others (like Claude) have been crawling the TCMD online help for months for their training purposes.

ChatGPT almost got it right, but botched the PROCESSMONITOR syntax. (Or it was trying to run an external ProcessMonitor.exe, in which case it still botched the syntax.) Our robot overlords are not quite ready for prime time.

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