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Documentation Minor Update for Help on DO Command

The help for DO has not been updated to reflect the multiple clipboards. It currently reads:

To execute the loop once for each line of text in the clipboard, use CLIP: as the file name (e.g. DO X IN @CLIP:). CLIP: will not return any data unless the clipboard contains text. See Redirection for more information on CLIP:.
It seems to act just like DO x in @file. Only a parenthetical note would be needed to let the user know CLIPn: works too.
Exactly. It's just like using CLIP:, but the help ideally would mention that it works with all the clipboards (which I verified). I wonder if there are any places where CLIP: works but CLIPn: does not.

Sometime when Rex has nothing else to do (!), it might be worth searching the help file for all occurrences of CLIP: to make sure that the text has been updated as appropriate.
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