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strange piping question - is there a way to allow the move command's percentage to still display?

So you know how the move command displays a percentage-progress indicator if you use the /g option?

Well, if you pipe/redirect the move command's STDOUT+STDERR to a file, obviously the characters displayed to generate the percentage-progress-indicator are not part of the output. That's good. It would really ruin the output to include them.

But is there a way to still let the percentage-progress-indicator write to the screen even when the output is being piped?

It seems it is written directly to screen, neither STDOUT nor STDERR. So like, is there a way i can pipe but still let it write to the screen?

I know this is an extremely weird question, but aren't they all?
MOVE /G writes to STDOUT, but it appends a CR so it overwrites the line continuously.

You might want to look at the PIPEVIEW command.

Interesting, I didn't know about that!

So, I did a:

*copy /g bigfile z:\ | pipeview

And it was indeed interesting to watch the piped text be created in realtime. That was cool.

However, the /G stuff, the spinner, etc - I do not see that in pipeview at all. Not even for a split second?

For example i'm seeing this when i run it (forgive my blue, i did bad ansi things earlier):

But when i pipe it to pipeview, i only ever see this:

I even togged it to hex mode just to make sure it wasn't present in the hex but hidden from the display. I'm just not seeing the percentage/other stuff in there.

I suspect Rex just disables /G whenever stdout is redirected. That's probably the simplest way to prevent gribble from appearing in redirected output files.

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