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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded Take Command 13.04.58 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 13.04.58
TCMD - Fixed a problem with pasting from the clipboard when it contains Unicode with a leading BOM (from UnicodeOutput=Yes).
ECHOERR - Added a kludge for a Windows bug when displaying long error output lines when ErrorColors is set (the lines were truncated).
TYPE - Fixed a problem with hex output with high-ASCII characters.
Help file updates.
Russian language updates.
Build 13.04.56
SETLOCAL - Added a workaround for an XP 32-bit API bug that could cause a TCC crash in rare circumstances.​

Build 13.04.55​
@FORMATNC - Added workaround for RTL formatting bug when adding commas to some negative numbers.​
COPY - Fixed an erratic crash when using the (unnecessary) syntax: copy filename CON:​
NETMONITOR - Fixed a problem with /C and no argument not removing all NETMONITOR monitors.​

Help file updates.​
Build 13.04.54
TCMD - Fixed an erratic problem when deleting toolbar tabs.
BDEBUGGER - Fixed a minor problem with the Watch window not accepting Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V / Ctrl-X.
VIEW - Fixed a problem reading language dll's with x64.
Russian language updates.
Help file updates.

Build 13.04.53
VIEW - Fixed a sporadic problem with x64.
Russian language updates.
Build 13.04.52
MKLINK /X - Fixed an erratic API crash.
VIEW - added support for French, Russian, and Spanish menus and dialogs.
New versions of the Internet support dll's.
Help file updates.
Build 13.03.51
TCMD - Fixed a problem with clicking on the V button on the toolbar and selecting multiple filenames.
Help file updates.
Build 13.03.50
TCC - added %HIGHESTNUMANODENUMBER% internal variable (for CMD compatibility).
ATTRIB - Added X and V attributes (Windows 8 Server ReFS only)
START - Fixed an erratic problem with START /TAB (introduced by a third party dll).
Build 13.03.49
TCC - fixed a problem with UNC names > 260 characters. (Technically a user error with not specifying the correct prefix, but TCC should be autocorrecting the UNC names.)
Build 13.03.48
TCC - fixed an old (but only manifesting in 13.03.48) RTL bug when opening large batch files.
Build 13.03.47
TCC - added a workaround for a Oniguruma / Windows bug (x64 RE's only) when doing many thousands of filename (ignore case) comparisons.
TCC - now checks for and removes UTF-8 BOMs from BAT and CMD batch files.
Build 13.03.46
TCMD - Fixed a problem with marking text in TCC windows from the keyboard (Shift-Left and Shift-Right).
TCC - the /U8 startup option will write redirected output as UTF-8.
UTF8Output=NO|yes - A new TCC .INI directive to write redirected output as UTF-8.
@LINES - dramatically improved the performance of reading from CLIP:.
Build 13.03.45
Input redirection now checks to see if the redirected input is (1) not a device, and (2) is a Unicode file. (Previously it would only read ASCII files for redirected input from files -- pipes and "here documents" always supported Unicode.)
TCC - Added a test to see if a redirected filename is single quoted, and remove the single quotes before creating or opening the file.
TCMD - added workaround for Windows bug when retrieving file sizes on DVD drives.
FREE - Added workaround for bugs in some network redirectors.
MKLINK - Fixed a sporadic problem when using the (unnecessary) "MKLINK /X directory" syntax.
SELECT - Added vertical mouse wheel support for both TCC console sessions and TCMD tab windows.
VER /R - Made a change to the registered name retrieval to (hopefully) work around a rare (non-reproducible) crash.
Build 13.03.41
@URLDECODE - Fixed compiler optimization error when reading some hex codes.
Build 13.03.40
DIR - Fixed an erratic problem with very large description files.
MOVE - Fixed a problem with MOVE a b (where a and b are directories) not moving a's description to b's subdirectory.
New framework version.
New installer version.
Help file updates.
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