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Done TCEDIT: show the full name (with drive and path) of the active file on the title bar.

Each tab contains only the name of the file being edited (but you can hover over them and see each one's file's full name with drive and path). Meanwhile, the title bar says "TCEdit 24 - [name]", failing to use all that available space; should be quite more convenient for it to display the file's full name.
For whatever it's worth, I think the modern standard is to display the filename before the application name in the title bar. Cf. Notepad, Microsoft Word, Acrobat Reader, etc. etc.
First, if you want to *know* the full path, you already can by hovering over the tab. Second, I wouldn't want that info always visible. Third, we cound add an option to the tab-context-menu "Copy full path to clipboard".

How's that?
Regards, DJ.
I for one think it's a great idea. Why wouldn't you want to see the full pathname?

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