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Trouble accessing results of forum search

In researching the answer to Dave Mathews' latest issue, I knew the issue of @FILES including . and .. directories has come up. Even after finding the exact date and title of the post by searching my downloaded copies of old posts, making the search on the Xenforo-based forum was difficult. Once found, there was no hint how to display the whole thread. The whole HELP is about how to do auxiliary actions, nothing about how to do searches, how to list thread titles, how to access threads found in a search, etc. What takes seconds in Outlook Express takes many minutes and much unnecessary internet traffic here...
Click on "display as threads" on the search page.
I did. It displayed a list of thread titles, but NO highlighting to indicate where to click to actually view the threads. It turned out that I had to click not on the thread title, but on the first line of text (which was the beginning of the text of the first post). No advantage to having a GUI! I also miss the ability to create hotkeys to do such actions as "OK, I am finished with this thread, go to the first unread post of another thread".
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