DrawVLine results different in TCMD tab and detached TCC

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TCC  25.00.24 x64   Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.476]

I have the following code;
  wsl cal -3
  drawvline 3 20 7 2 bright blue on black
  drawvline 3 42 7 2 bright blue on black

This works fine in a detached TCC;

The same code, different result in TCMD tab;

The difference is the font.

In TCMD, I am using the Cascadia Code font.

...whereas in a detached TCC, I am using the Consolas font.

According to Microsoft, the Cascadia Code font does include the characters for line drawing;


How do I get TCMD/TCC to use line drawing with the Cascadia Code font? I realize that changing the TCMD font to Consolas corrects the problem, but I would prefer to use the Cascadia Code font.

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Did you check with CHARMAP? Cascadia Code looks pretty skimpy here (Windows 10 1909). Maybe you must manually install the updated font.

I found CASCADIA.TTF (71K, from September) in a desktop "Archives" (of downloaded things) folder. I must have installed it on this computer. Moments ago I got another one (208K) and installed it ... no change ... CHARMAP still showed a very skimpy character set. Then I went back to


and downloaded/installed CASCADIA MONO PL (PL = power line). Now I have the line drawing symbols (and much more).

Hey @vefatica
Thanks for that. I have downloaded and installed the Cascadia Mono PL font, however, still not perfect;

...but it is better than the little square boxes of the original Cascadia Code font that I was using.

You are also correct in that I must download the current font manually. Thanks again!

Here's how Cascadia Mono PL Regular 18 looks in TCC under Windows Terminal;

It looks like a straight line, however, still the same character as in TCMD/TCC.

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Looks like one can use Chocolately to automatically upgrade the Cascadia font.

Posting this mainly for my future reference.

TCC uses the Unicode 0x2500 - 0x256C characters for line drawing. If your font doesn't include those characters (or if they're mapped somewhere else) then DRAWHLINE / DRAWVLINE won't work.

Take Command simply reads the characters in the TCC screen buffer and displays them (in the current font) in the Take Command tab window. It does not do any conversions or remapping.
Using the Windows Character Map App as a guide;


...which one of these characters would DRAWVLINE be using for line drawing?

Is it U+2502 - Box Drawings Light Vertical

or is it another Unicode Character between 0x2500 - 0x256C ?


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