@EVERYTHING[[range...] filename[,cdfpw[,n]][,[{+|-}]rhsadecijopt] : Call Everything Search to return all matching filenames / directories (space delimited). The options are:


The range and attribute parameters, if included, define properties of the files that will be included in the result as specified in File Selection. Multiple range parameters may be included, but not more than one each of description range, size range, date range, and time range. Range parameters must precede filename. Exclusion ranges are not supported.


filenamethe name to search for. If filename begins with a "::", the filename is treated as a regular expression
ccase sensitive search
donly search for directories
fonly search for files
pmatch path names
wmatch whole word
nmaximum number of matches to return


Filename must be in quotes if it contains white space or special characters.




echo %@everything[tcc.exe,f]