File Selection

Most internal commands (like COPY, DIR, etc.) work on a file or a group of files. You can use several shorthand forms for naming or selecting files and the applications associated with them, or for accessing files on remote systems.


Most of the features explained in this section apply to TCC commands only, and generally cannot be used to pass file names to external programs (unless those programs were specifically written to support these features).


The features discussed in this section are:


Onestep        Wildcards

Onestep        Executable Extensions

Onestep        Using Internet URLs

Onestep        Using FTP and HTTP Servers

Onestep        OpenAFS

Onestep        Ranges

Onestep        Attribute Switches

Onestep        Multiple Filenames

Onestep        Include Lists

Onestep        Delayed Variable Expansion

Onestep        Extended Parent Directory Names

Onestep        LFN File Searches

Onestep        @File Lists

Onestep        Command Switches for File Selection