When viewing the file in Text mode, the corresponding number of the line can be displayed to the left of the line by enabling the Line Numbers option in the View menu. The line numbers display can also be toggled by pressing the line numbers icon in the toolbar.


Look at the Line Numbers Configuration section for further details on how to customize the line number display.


Line Numbers in Chunks


If a file is being viewed in chunks, V will display the correct line numbers as long as consecutive chunks are loaded. However, if you load a chunk without having viewed the previous chunk, V will start the line numbers from 1.


For example, if you load the last chunk in the file after having loaded the first chunk, the line numbers in the last chunk will start from 1. If you need to know the exact line number, you will have to load the entire file.




Line numbers always start at 1.


The line numbers are not fixed. That is, the line numbers are scrolled off the screen when the line is scrolled horizontally. You can fix the line numbers (so they do not scroll) by enabling Fix Line Numbers from the Fix LHS submenu of the View menu.


Although line numbers in Text mode are optional, the hex addresses in Hex mode are always displayed.