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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28


Below is the default toolbar. It can be customized so that the buttons are re-arranged or deleted (right-click on the toolbar and select Customize).




BDirectory        Directory

Not available.


BRefresh        Refresh

Refreshes (or reloads) the file. It is possible that the file being viewed is also being modified by another program (eg, a log file). In order to be able to view any data appended to the file since the file was opened, you need to refresh it (unless File Tailing is enabled).


BLeftBRight        Previous/Next

Displays the previous/next file in the file list. If you select several files in the Directory View, the file list will consist just of the files selected, otherwise the file list will consist of all files in the directory. If you position the mouse over the Previous/Next buttons, the name of the corresponding file will be displayed. Note that these buttons work differently from the Back/Forward buttons in a browser.


BDown        File List

This brings up a list box containing all the files in the current file list. As above, if you have selected several files in the Directory View, this list will only contain the selected files. Otherwise, it will contain all the file in the current directory. To view another file, simply select it from the file list. Note that this feature is only available once V has been registered.


BFind        Find

Searches for a string.


BFindNextBFindPrev        Find Next/Find Previous

Searches for the next (or previous) occurrence of a string.


BGoto        Goto

Goes to a specified position in the file. Click here for further details.


BClipBoard        Clipboard

Copies (or appends) selected text to the clipboard. Click here for further details.


BText        Text Mode

Displays the file in Text Mode


BHex        Hex Mode

Displays the file in Hex Mode


BWrapScreenBWrapLen        Wrap To Screen/Wrap To length

Click here for further details on line wrapping.


BLineNumbers        Line Numbers

Toggles line numbers on/off in Text mode.


BEOL        EOL

This specifies whether an End Of Line character will be displayed at the end of every line. This is useful when viewing files with trailing spaces. Note that this option is not available in Hex mode. The character used as the End Of Line terminator may be specified in the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog box. The EOL mode can also be toggled by pressing the Enter key. Note that the EOL character will not be displayed at the end of a line that has been wrapped. It will only be displayed if it corresponds to an actual end of line character in the file.


BTail Tail

This enables File Tailing


BGreenbar Greenbar

Clicking on this button enables/disables Greenbar Mode. Clicking on the arrow portion of the button allows you to modify the Greenbar Options.


BTools        Tools

Clicking the Tools button displays a further menu where you may select one of the following:


BMD5        MD5/CRC32

This calculates the MD5 and CRC32 of the file being viewed.


BWC        Word/Line Count

This counts the number of words and lines in the file.


BPlusBMinus   Zoom

You may easily increase (or decrease) the size of the current font by using the + and - keys. This does not do a "bitmap zoom", but simply selects the next point size in the current font. If a larger (or smaller) point size is not available, nothing will happen. Note that this will not work properly with the Terminal font.


BSend        Send

This will construct an email message using your email client and will attach the file being viewed. Note that this will only work if MAPI (or Windows Messaging) is installed on your system.