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Very strange console font corruption

Try this with 8x12 raster font in Win7: Shrink a TCC console to about half width by dragging its window edge. Fill the console window with info (a big DIR, for example). Click the horizontal scroll right button several times (text moves off the left side of the window one column at a time). Click the horizontal scroll left button to bring the text back. Without fail, the columns retrieved (except column 0) have corrupted characters, their left-hand column of pixels having been erased (replaced with the black background).

I cannot reproduce this effect with CMD, PowerShell, or TCSH.

What makes TCC different?

FWIW, after seeing the corruption, vertical scrolling of the text out of view, then back into view causes the text to be drawn correctly.
Not reproducible here.

TCC has nothing to do with how the characters are displayed in console windows; that's all Windows. TCC does use different console APIs to write text than CMD / PowerShell / TCSH. The few times I've heard about something like this in the past (nothing recent), it's been the video driver at fault. Updating the driver always fixed the problem.
It's not really a problem since I (almost) never use a horizontally scrolling window. I just stumbled on it and thought it odd.
It's not reproducible here, too.

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