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Done Active tab

Add a variable to TCC to determine if it is the active tab or modify %_tctab to include additional values that indicate whether the tab is active or visible.

Add new variables (these would be 0 or undefined when %_tctab is 0):
0 - Not active tab
1 - Active tab
0 - Not visible tab
1 - Visible tab

Or just modify %_tctab:
0 - Not running in a tab
1 - Running in a tab, but not visible
2 - Tab is visible, but not active (important for using in a tab group)
3 - Active tab

This would be helpful when notifying the user that a long running batch file has finished, iterated, etc.

I personally would prefer option two, modifying %_tctab. However, it would have some minimal back compat issues.

- Josh
[FOX] Ultimate Translator