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TC drop-zone to add a tab

TC drop-zone to add a tab

I don't use TC's Options / Configure TC / Tabs / Tab1 etc. initializations, because I use TC with many different TCC tabs that have each a their different .cmd initialization script. For each "project", I use a single TC with typical TCC tabs for "compiling", "configuring", "executing".

When I work on a single project, TCMD.EXE/T works fine for adding the tabs to the TC window. When I work on more than one "project" at the same time, I want these "compiling", "configuring" etc. tabs to group in the right TC window (the TC matching the "project").

Currently I achieve this by drag-and-dropping the TCC shortcut into a TCC tab (text pane); then an executable extension (set .LNK=...) has the shortcut parsed (SHORTCUT command, drops "TCMD.EXE" in the "Command", "/T" in the "Argument") and eventually runs START/TAB.

A drop-zone to add a tab in TC could perform this more elegantly.

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