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Console-Mode (*.exe) works in TCC, not in TCMD

I run a console-mode text editor that utilizes raster-fonts:

This program works great in TCC (just like it always did in 4NT). However, I wanted to try TCC, but it doesn't work (the screen goes blank and doesn't update with anything):

I suspect that it's because the program needs fixed-raster fonts and TCC doesn't seem to support them.

Is there are way to get this to work in TCC?
It's not a font issue.

This app switches its console buffer after it starts. TCMD has no way to deal with apps like that -- without injecting code into every console app that starts up, TCMD cannot determine if an app has switched buffers. (Nor can it tell what the new buffer might be.)

Fortunately, such apps are rare. Unfortunately for you, this is one of them.
e32 switches its buffer, so if you're running 4nt in a 25*80 mode, My copy of e32 has an internal console you can set, it's currently 42 lines and 106 wide.

I think there's another one (X32, an xtree pro clone), which has its own internal buffer, because i had lots of fun trying it to behave in my 4nt window. It does not use tcmd32's standard buffer either, where e (pcdos 7 editor) do use the tcmd32 caveman buffer.

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