How to? Convert a UNIX file to PC file

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TPIPE /input=inputfile.txt /output=outputfile.txt

then not sure what else to add. I need convert line endings of

|10 |0


|13 |10
I am using

for %x in (%1) tpipe /input=%x /output=%x /eol=3,2,0 /simple=13
Specifying the same file for input and output - seems to be wrong? Does tpipe handle that correctly?

Here is what seems to work for me, so far....

TPIPE /input=C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\Winapp2.ini /eol=0,2,0 /output=C:\TCMD\WinApp2_Ini\Winapp2.MSD
The Winapp2.ini is from a github project.......
Jun 28, 2008
for %x in (%1) tpipe /input=%x /output=%x /eol=3,2,0 /simple=13


Of course, one can lost the file is there is a problem, but I am dealing with text files easily recovered.

The files are generated in Linux and copied to DOS, the original files remain in Linux disk.

The reverse is

for %x in (%1) tpipe /input=%x /output=%x /eol=3,0,0 /simple=13

For Mac files to DOS

for %x in (%1) tpipe /input=%x /output=%x /eol=1,2,0 /simple=13

The reverse

for %x in (%1) tpipe /input=%x /output=%x /eol=2,1,0 /simple=13