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Issue creating or writing to a .xml file


I would appreciate some assistance with the issues I have with any XML write function.

I have checked with IT and they say there ae no blocks in place.

I have no problem with any XML reading function from a hand created file, or using xpath.

Here is the .btm file extract for creating a file.
It is immediately closed as this is just a common check and create routine.

IFF NOT ISFILE Test.xml THEN echo %@xmlcreate[Test.xml] echo %@xmlsave[Test.xml] echo %@xmlclose[] ENDIFF

All commands return 0 indicating success.

If I add echo > Test.xml to the file that line does create the file.

I get the same result from the TCC prompt.

When I actually put something in the XML document, the file is created. See the example in the help for @XMLCREATE.
If you just want to create a zero byte file then:
will do the trick. The problem with echo is that it will output "Echo is off" or something similar unless you play some games. Plus the CR-LF EOL is also output.

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