History file load hangs if file has complete garbage in it...

Sep 1, 2008
Sorry -I didn't keep the file laying around, but somehow my history.txt file that is configured to load (via tcc options) at startup had a lot of garbage in it. It was actually a history file with the history data, but I clearly 'fat finger' pasted binary data during the session and it got saved.

Anyways... It hangs TCC starting up. Wiped the file - loads fine.

Sorry I don't have a rock solid repro of what the bad data was.
OK. Here's a file that repro's 8 months later. :) Looking at it now... I expect it's UTF shenanigans.

TCC 28.02.18 x64 Windows 11 [Version 10.0.22000.675]


  • history.zip
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