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How to? free (internal) command

Hello —

Can anyone explain this — I have a (video) dvd mount on my win 10 system – the dvd drive is
w: — when I use the (internal) free command it notes that size of the disk is in line with a dvd-9 dvd – but when I use the (sysinternals) du command – I get a much different value, way over the max size of dvd-9 disc —

does anyone know if the file system used with dvd supports “hard links” such that files on the disk could be pointing to the same sectors on the disk? Thanks

<(fpe1005/H24-LP-1W1_DES/7)w:\(0,0)>free w:

Volume in drive W is H24-LP-1W1_DES Serial number is 87c2:2772
7,870,969,856 bytes total disk space
7,870,969,856 bytes used
0 bytes free
100 % in use

<(fpe1005/H24-LP-1W1_DES/7)w:\(0,0)>duu .
duu --- -nobanner .
Files: 105
Directories: 3
Size: 27,586,674,688 bytes
Size on disk: 27,586,674,688 bytes


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