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Issues With TCMD File Explorer

I have generally not used the File Explorer feature in TCMD, but I spent some time today reading the documentation for TCMD and decided to give it a try (I've been using TCC and TCMD forever, but I still learned a lot). I have encountered two problems. This is with version 25.

TCC 25.00.30 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19042.804]
TCC Build 30 Windows 10 Build 19042
Registered to DESKTOP-8BHVJ8S
Build variable: 25.00.30

1. When I issue the command CDD /t dirname, the File Viewer window updates to the specified directory, but the File Explorer selection does not change. It also does not change when I enter a new path in the Explorer. In the image below, I started in the Zoom area (C:\Users\Jay\Dropbox\Zoom) and deleted everything after my name. The File Viewer updated, but the File Explorer is stuck. The only way I can change the selected folder to to navigate to it in the Explorer.


2. The main reason I was interested in trying the File Explorer was that I thought that it -- unlike the Windows File Explorer -- would recognize directory aliases. But it does nothing when I enter one. For example, when I put in the path "drop:" and hit ENTER, nothing at all happens. If I remove the colon, I get an error message that no such directory could be found. So Explorer seems to know something about that specification, but it does not switch to it.

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