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In a TCC console, I issue keystack Alt-" ". The control menu opens as expected. I dismiss the menu with [ICODE]Esc[/ICODE].

At this point, things are not right. If I UpArrow, the control menu opens again. If I PgUp, nothing happens (command history was expected). Any alpha-numeric key produces the default sound (after which things are back to normal).

Does anyone know what's going on?
Apparently the control still has focus after the Esc. Do a second Esc and then things are back to normal too.

Btw, I'm on TCC LE 14.00.9 x64 Windows 10 [Version 6.3.19043].
You're right about the second escape. And it has nothing to do with KEYSTACK. The same thing happens if I really press Alt-Space. And the same thing happens in C_M_D and Powershell. It's weird!
Yeah, I noticed Notepad too as I was poking around. Word and Excel 2013 also do it. Chrome, Edge and IE don't.

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