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Alt-key aliases?

I tried to get my old 4nt aliases working, and it seems that they wont work?
For example:
alias @@alt-d=dir /z
wont work, but:
alias @@alt-F5=dir /z
does work.

How can i get alt-d or anyother letter aliases working?
I get @@Alt-D to work if I do not reserve the Left (and only) Alt key for TCMD or if I run TCC outside of TCMD.

@@Alt-F5 does not need this, it always works.
What do you mean by reserving?

You can reserve one or more of the Alt and Ctrl keys for use by TCMD. Then they will not be sent to the console application (TCC in this case).

This is done in the Tabs page of the TCMD options (opened from Options - Configure Take Command).

It seems you must reserve at least one of the Alt keys for TCMD if you want the TCMD menu short-cuts to work (e.g. using Alt-F to open the File menu).
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