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Can KEYSTACK send Alt-1 (Alt-2 ...)?

Keystack can send them, but Windows will eat or translate most alt keys.
I dunno! I''ve been using Alt-1, Alt-2 , ... for a couple days. Windows gives them to TCC, and my key handler gets them ... not so when I try with KEYSTACK.


KEYSTACK /w180 Alt-1
and, within 10 seconds, open the OPTION\Keyboard tab and place the cursor in "New Shortcut Key" ... all I get is "Alt-".

In contrast, if I type Alt-1 while in that box, I get Alt-1.
The intent is to send Alt-1, Alt-2, ... to TCC itself. In a plugin keyhandler I switch between various console screen buffers via those keys. In a stand-alone console, real keystrokes work and KEYSTACK doesn't.
An Alt-1 does not send the Alt key + the 1 key; it sends the Alt Key + an ASCII value of 1. If you want to send a literal 1 - 9, you need to do something like:

keystack Alt-"1"

Or you could send:

keystack Alt-49

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