Query machine names registered with activation key

Mar 13, 2018
Mainz, Germany
Hello support team,

is there any way to query the machine names which are related to my activation key?

As far as i know my licence allows for three machines to be registered. Which I did years ago. Now I cannot remember what computer names were used for installation because meanwhile I had several different computer updates. I wanted to register a third machine but apparently all activation slots are already in use and I wanted to unregister one of those to make room for a new installation.
is there any way to query the machine names which are related to my activation key?

From the Help File: "What's New in Version 25"
You can now display your license info on the registration server.
Bring up the registration dialog, enter your activation key and click on the "Show License Info" button.
TCMD will open a web page on your browser that shows the maximum number of systems you can register,
the name(s) of registered systems, and the dates they were registered.

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