Long file names - a few questions

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I revisited the "longest fully-qualified file name" question. I used this BTM.
set maxlen=0
do f in /d"%1" /a: /s *
    set quoted=%@full["%f"]
    set len=%@len[%quoted]
    iff %len GT %maxlen then
        set maxlen=%len
        set maxfile=%quoted
echo %maxfile
echo length = %@eval[%maxlen - 2]
It told me
"\\?\C:\Users\vefatica\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Player\APSPrivateData2\0\drm-plug-win-x86\fU27D-Qk2iN2mM3R3nA
length = 253
Why did it use the "\\?\" notation?

Then I tried to use @FILESIZE on that FQN, with and without "\\?\" and with and without quoting it. Why did they all fail?
v:\> echo %@filesize[C:\Users\vefatica\Application <snip>
7D-Qk2iN2mM3R3nAgpW05R4=\SuskIAWiNnhy0kNSYD9EHWWDS <snip>

v:\> echo %@filesize[\\?\C:\Users\vefatica\Applica <snip>
\fU27D-Qk2iN2mM3R3nAgpW05R4=\SuskIAWiNnhy0kNSYD9EH <snip>

v:\> echo %@filesize["C:\Users\vefatica\Applicatio <snip>
27D-Qk2iN2mM3R3nAgpW05R4=\SuskIAWiNnhy0kNSYD9EHWWD <snip>

v:\> echo %@filesize["\\?\C:\Users\vefatica\Applic <snip>
6\fU27D-Qk2iN2mM3R3nAgpW05R4=\SuskIAWiNnhy0kNSYD9E <snip>

I did finally get the size after CD-ing to the file's directory.
c:\users\very\long\path> echo %@filesize[Qjk2N0Q0QTctNUI2RS0zRTcwLTlGNDYtQTRGNTBBNzg0RDU1.lic]
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Never mind the bit about @FILESIZE. I left out a character in the path when I copied and pasted. It works with and without "\\?". The quoting is necessary.
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