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Problem with Extended Search and non-ASCII characters in directories names


It seems to me that the Extended Directory Search feature does not work well with non-ASCII characters in directories pathnames.

Note: the line "FuzzyCD=2" is present in the TCMD.INI.


E:\>md aaaa\eeee\bbbb

E:\>cd bbbb

E:\aaaa\eeee\bbbb>                # OK, the Extended Directory Search works well.
E:\aaaa\eeee\bbbb>cd \

E:\>md aaaa\éééé\cccc

E:\>cd cccc

TCC: (Sys) Le chemin d’accès spécifié est introuvable.       # "The specified path was not found"

E:\>cd aaaa\éééé\cccc

E:\aaaa\éééé\cccc>                  # However, this directory exists

The problem exists with other non-ASCII characters too (à, ç, è, £, §, ...)

What can I do to fix this? Thank you.

Note: My E: drive is a NTFS partition.

Tests made with TCC 16.03.55 x64 and Windows 8.1 French Edition
Same results with TCC LE 13.06.77 x64.
I have not tested this, but it might be worth a try:

rem Delete the old index file:
del "%localappdata\jpstree.idx"

rem Turn on Unicode:
option //unicodeoutput=yes

rem Recreate the search index:
cdd /s

rem Turn off Unicode:
option //unicodeoutput=no
E:\>del e:\4NT\jpstree.idx /q        # I have "TreePath=E:\4NT" in my TCMD.INI

E:\>option //unicodeoutput=yes

E:\>cdd /s
Indexation de C:\
Indexation de D:\
Indexation de E:\

E:\>option //unicodeoutput=no

E:\>md aaaa\éééé\bbbb

E:\>cd bbbb

E:\aaaa\éééé\bbbb>            # It works!

Thanks for your help, Charles.
I've added a suggestion to the feedback forum that JPSTREE.IDX should always be created in Unicode. The days of 1.44-meg floppies are over; there's really no reason why the directory list should use OEM characters anymore.

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