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How to? Take Command\TCC install problem...

I downloaded the latest version of the Take Command install program, and when I run it it gets to the point where the system puts up dialog box "Are you sure you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?" and I click the "yes" button. At this point I get a dialog box "Are you sure you want to cancel Take Command x64 19.0 installation?". If I click the "No" button I am taken back to the beginning of the install process ("Welcome to the Tale Command x64 19.0 Setup Wizard") and the whole thing repeats.

So I tried to start an elevated cmd.exe using the "/Elevated" parameter on the "start" command using the command (run in TCC) "start /elevated /pgm tcmd.exe" and I get the error message "TCC: (Sys) The system cannot find the file specified. /elevated".

What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
I can't reproduce the problem with the dialog box here -- and that's a standard Windows UAC dialog, not Take Command. Did you do the update from within TCMD (i.e., the "Help / Check for Updates" menu option)?

All installers run elevated, so trying to run it in START won't help. Your issue with the error message in START is probably because you have an alias for START and you're not prefacing the new command line with a * to disable alias expansion.
Thank you, Rex. I did, in fact, have an alias which was the problem with the "start" command. And as far as the install is concerned, I was trying to run it from a cmd.exe command prompt where it was failing. However, doing the upgrade from the "Help" menu (I was unaware of that option) fixed the problem and everything is fine now.

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