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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded build 32 to the web site.

21.0.32 Help file updates
21.0.32 Updated German and Italian language dll's
21.0.32 COPY - fixed a problem with /Cf
21.0.32 ENUMSHARES - removed the /S option to avoid a Windows API bug
21.0.31 SCILEXER.DLL - fixed a problem with external dll's
21.0.29 JOBS - fixed a problem with the /K and /L switches being reversed
21.0.29 @FILESEEK - fixed an RTL bug
21.0.29 Help file updates
21.0.28 PSHELL - fixed an x64 problem loading the support dll
21.0.26 IDE - fixed a problem with Ctrl-U and Ctrl-Shift-U
21.0.25 Help file updates
21.0.25 Language dll updates
21.0.25 @FILEREADB - fixed a sporadic crash
21.0.24 DEL - fixed a delay with /X
21.0.23 LIST - fixed a mouse lag problem
21.0.23 VIEW - fixed an erratic problem when running TCC in a console window
21.0.22 HASH - fixed a problem with recognizing the hash type options
21.0.22 SETLOCAL - fixed a problem with saving the directory stack in a batch file
21.0.21 TCMD - added workaround for PowerShell bug when ANSI is disabled
21.0.21 VIEW - updated V.EXE
21.0.20 TCMD - set VMargin and HMargin to default to 0 (<1% of Windows systems are failing with non-zero values)
21.0.19 TCC - fix for problem logging in to SFTP (SSH) servers
21.0.19 ENUMSHARES - fix for problem enumerating entire list of sharenames
21.0.18 TCMD - added workaround for COM registration failure on a few systems which prevented TCMD registration
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