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tpipe /simple=28 error

I have a "test.csv" (attached, added .txt for the upload here) where the SUBJECTed command is producing lines as shown in test.out.txt- too many commas are being copy-ed.....

@Rex - assuming this has to be reported to the 3rd party for TextPipe - any chance of my suggestion related to tpipe /simple and getting the names......


  • test.csv.txt
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  • test.out.txt
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So then - even with the Wiki article - this is a valid error?
No, I don't think it's a valid error. Since the use of commas id pooh-pooh'd (just likke spaces) I think the easy way out would be to not consider either
as part of an email address.
So I mean it's a valid one for Rex or the folks behind Textpipe to correct....

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